#002 Scatchy news: The premiere of DPC is behind us and I'm revealing the first artist of #HoA 🧐

#002 Scatchy news: The premiere of DPC is behind us and I'm revealing the first artist of #HoA 🧐

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🏛️Revealing the first artist of #HoA

If you remember, in the last newsletter I was introducing upcoming series of videos for YouTube and Facebook named #HoA.

For the first episode I chose Jules Verne. One of the most famous writers in the world. We will look into his childhood, first love and some family drama as well.

Wait, you saying that a writer is not an artist? Nay, nay, I think below answer from James O’Donnel is explaining all.

An artist is anyone with a creative passion who devotes themselves to fully realizing their passion. It’s essentially an umbrella term for all such individuals who fit the aforementioned criteria.

A writer is a type of artist. They just have different tools and skills than others who are typically considered to be artists—painters, sculptors, etc.

Jules Verne

🟠Update about the community on Circle

Status - in progress.

I hope to have it ready for you guys starting September along with the #HoA. I will probably begin to collect interested members sooner - per email invite but I will share more information once I will have the complete picture.

And what is it actually about? I mentioned few words before. The community just for you, members or people who are really interested in digital art, painting and everything around it.

Why on Circle?

Well, I was thinking about it a lot. If we should have it on Facebook or some other platform. But I have a feeling that Facebook is kinda dying in this respect and that a lot of groups are not very polite, or we see a lot of self-promotion and just stuff that I do not like anymore. I personally think it's better to have a lesser volume of people there but more on the same "wave". The forum is too serious and technical I would say, I want something warm a welcoming, just like a book club in your favourite cafe☕.

🖌️The Premiere of #DPC

Heck yeah! We did it. Or at least I did. I do not know what you were up to guys but I was pretty busy. Every day after work (yes, I'm still a slave of the system as well-no offence) I was polishing the DPC articles to have everything ready for you.

But I had so much fun with it, even though it is exhausting to sit so many hours behind the screen and also try to do the exercise as well to show you that I'm not just blah blah-ing (sometimes I post it with a slight delay -ups- sorry 😱).

You can check out what you have missed last week and still catch up on the backlog if you are interested:

#001 DPC: We are seriously starting today and we will not stop
The first day is always hard. Especially, if you are not used to paint daily or exercise your hand or brain. But we need to go for it and overcome our laziness, fears, comfort, excuses or whatever is stopping us to do so. For some people, it doesn’t work to
#002 DPC: Playing with colors and exploring the meaning behind them
A little bit on the theoryYa ya, we all hear this everywhere and it’s a very difficult topic for many of us. Also boring for the majority. Some people have talent or inner feelings without even knowing what they are doing and some just need help. Understanding the color theory
#003 DPC: Training precision and fighting the straight lines
Motor skills, straight lines and hand-eye coordination are topics for today’s exercise. We are all fighting with straight and precise lines. Especially if we pick up our tablets afters some longer period of time. But most importantly, our lines need to reach the endpoint first! I have prepared a sma…
#004 DPC: Short exercise to fire up your creativity and let you appreciate the simplicity
Who are the most creative people in the world? Children. Let’s take them as an example. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and allow your inner child to climb to the surface in that moment of creativity. It gives you the chance to express yourself in a
#005 DPC: How to become a master of color value picking
Na ya, I’m here again with colors. Not tired of them yet? I’m definitely not, we all just want to be masters in color picking, calling ourselves Yodas of Colors. Did you see the recent article and exercise Playing with colors and exploring the meaning behind them? If not, I
#006 DPC: The art of expressing yourself and portraying a character
The art of portraying a character, so that viewers can vividly imagine him or her, is a vital skill for any artist. But maybe you have the whole world in the palm of your hand and struggling to bring it over to the screen or paper. You have your character
#007 DPC: Let the paper decide what you will draw - Entopic Graphomania
Yeah, yeah I know you are just like: “What the heck is the entrolkfmganj?” Let’s say it’s a game, a type of exercise based on a Surrealist game. When you want to draw something, you just go, grab a paper or tablet and draw whatever idea you have in your
And if you have suggestions or wishes whom you would like to see in the first episodes of #HoA, let me know and I will see what I can do.

That's all for this week. Stay Scatchy❤️.