#003 Scatchy news: Vacation time, drawing and having fun at the same time (plus a happy winner check✅)

#003 Scatchy news: Vacation time, drawing and having fun at the same time (plus a happy winner check✅)

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🏆Happy winner

If you remember there was a contest running on Scatchy for subscribers. The winners have been already announced but today I'm thrilled to show a picture of one of these winners, Sara, from Italy. Her prize was finally delivered - Custom Pen Tips and she was open to share a photo. There is no better feeling in the world than making others happy even with a small thing. Congrats Sara once again and wish you a lot of fun with the Pen Tips.

One of the winners, Sara

But don't worry, it was the first but definitely not the last contest on Scatchy, so you will still have your chance to win in the future!

📓Drawing during vacation aka keeping your sketchbook

Summer is coming, yay! Many of us are working on the preparations to go on vacation. We are exhausted but we keep pushing. Because somewhere down underneath the skin we can feel it already. The majority of you will not be probably dragging your iPad, drawing tablet or computer with you (if you do, well  "Hatts off👒! ")

I might be one of the people actually dragging my iPad with me as I will need to work on future articles or other projects during the meanwhile. But what I do not want to forget and want to suggest for you as well, take a sketchbook. Just any notebook with blank pages and a simple pencil will do. And just draw. Draw whatever catches your attention and once you are back, you can always extend it or use it as a  basic sketch for a much bigger project.

Suggested article to read how travel sketching can improve your trips:

An old way to see new: How travel sketching can improve your trips - Explore Your Worlds
Travel sketching may seem intimidating, but it’s easier to learn than you may think and the benefits are more than aesthetic. Discover the magic of drawing.

And mostly, enjoy your vacation in full - we all deserve much more than ever🌴.

⭕Update about the community on Circle

Status - still in progress.

I hope to have it ready for you guys starting September along with the #HoA. I will probably begin to collect interested members sooner - per email invite but I will share more information once I will have the complete picture.

sneak peek on work in progress

And what is it actually about? I mentioned few words before. The community is just for you, members or people who are really interested in digital art, painting and everything around it.

🏛️Small update on #HoA

If you remember, in the last newsletters I was talking about upcoming series of videos for YouTube and Facebook named #HoA - History of Art.

If you have missed what it is about, you can read it in the newsletter here.

I'm now on the next step - putting together bits and pieces and research, working on the script and choosing the drawing for the first video. Also, I started to think about which artists to bring to the next videos, as these series will be released weekly, I need to be prepared.  

Might be that we will talk also about mysterious places and their relation to art - such as cave paintings in Lascaux, Stonehedge etc.

If there are any artists (eventually places related to art) from history you would be interested to hear about, let me know by replying to this email, I will for sure check it out.

🏺Shards of history series aka #shards

Once I was playing with an idea to write fantasy articles based on history. I'm very often lost in my mind questioning history and running fantasy outcomes from it. It's a long time ago that I wrote a short story below but I'm thinking to bring it back and continue with that regularly. Not sure how often but definitely I would like to start with it again. (Of course, it would still be art-related mostly - that's what Scatchy is about. )

You can read the story below:

The Shards of history of art: First trip to Lascaux
Maybe there was a mystery behind all. Maybe everything has a reason. Let’s find out what happened during the old times.

🖌️How is #DPC running

We already have 17 exercises on the blog to improve your creative part, have fun and mostly - draw with pleasure (There were few days when I didn't manage to finish an article but I'm trying my best to bring you fun every day). Not every drawing/painting needs to be a masterpiece.

Creativity is a very important word in our artistic paths. Not all people are born with a love for art and creative thinking. And many people would even argue that art and craft are skills not necessary but these skills are teaching us problem-solving and promote the expression of emotions.

That's why here the #DPC tag is not only about a random theme to paint but also about practise and improving creativity as a whole. I always try to keep them fun and different day by day. Even though sometimes you can ask yourself, how this has something to do with drawing/painting - I always try to keep the drawing involved at least a little bit.

I would love to get feedback and comments on #DPC, it's very crucial for me to bring interesting things to you.


You can check out what you have missed last week and still catch up on the backlog if you are interested:

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And if you have suggestions or wishes whom you would like to see in the first episodes of #HoA, let me know and I will see what I can do.

That's all for this week. Stay Scatchy❤️.