How to become a master of color value picking #005

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How to become a master of color value picking #005

Na ya, I'm here again with colors. Not tired of them yet? I'm definitely not, we all just want to be masters in color picking, calling ourselves Yodas of Colors.

Did you see the recent article and exercise Playing with colors and exploring the meaning behind them? If not, I do suggest you check it out first.

It's nice to have the ability to judge sizes, shapes and angles. But what about training your ability to judge values while painting?

I feel like one of the most important abilities is choosing colors well. While color generators certainly help, they also feel kind of sterile, and don't really give off the spark of something "innovative." Apart from that, they will certainly not improve your skill of color picking and your guess of value will not improve.

Therefore we have below exercise to improve this and don't rely on color pickers!

So for this time, I have just a very simple working sheet for you with my hand-picked pictures from the internet. Feel free to also find your own references on the internet.

We have three types of reference pictures:

  • Black and white photo
  • Colored photo with a limited amount of colors (not something crazy or fancy)
  • Now "crazy and fancy" colorful photo with a lot of hues, tints and shades
sneak peek on the worksheet

And here is how does that work:

  1. Pick 2-5 areas you want to judge and mark them on the photo.
  2. Then try to pick the right value by hand
  3. You can correct yourself by using the eyedropper tool and check if you were anywhere near the real color.
  4. See more on the example below.

This way you can correct yourself and see if you pick values that are too dark or too light. I do suggest going through this exercise every now and then.

Shared with Dropbox
Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches. I will share mine as well :)
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