Let the paper decide - Entopic Graphomania #007

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Let the paper decide  - Entopic Graphomania #007

Yeah, yeah I know you are just like: "What the heck is the entrolkfmganj?" Let's say it's a game, a type of exercise based on a Surrealist game.

When you want to draw something, you just go, grab a paper or tablet and draw whatever idea you have in your head, right? But with this method, you are letting the "paper" decide what you should draw.

Isn't that exciting? Do you think you can give up the lost control?🧐

There are two ways how to do this exercise:

  • Either with blank paper or with a page from a newspaper or a magazine. But it should be an old piece with markings. The old-age just needs to scream at you. The older, the better and I will explain why in a few
  • Using the digital working sheet below - and because we are here mainly for digital painting, I will explain the steps for the working sheet but the process is the same with a physical paper
sneak peek on the working sheet

Now it's the time to explain why old paper. Usually old paper has a lot of markings which you can use for your points/dots. With a white blank paper, you would be still too much thinking about where to place the next dot.

As you can see on the GIF below, the plan here is to place dots on the markings, letters, wherever it suits you and start to connect these dots.

how to do the exercise

There is no limit to the number of dots or to which direction you should go. Just free yourself, your brain.

So download the template or print it out. As usually, you will find all files below in the link to Dropbox.

Shared with Dropbox

Let it go.

These exercises reveal hidden patterns in negative space, show you how choices can make a difference and will help you engage in randomness to take your work a few steps further.

Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches.

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