One liner - fun and impossible to mess up #008

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One liner - fun and impossible to mess up #008

One-liner or continuous line drawing is a classic in the sea of drawing exercises. It's really fun, quick and you can't mess it up, plus your art will always be neat and cool. Unless you have still problems with Wingardium.

And you are asking what are we going to practice today? Well, it's pretty easy. Choose a simple object from your daily life or find some image on Google. As usual, I will provide a working sheet if you are out of ideas or you just don't have the time to look for something.

sneak peek on the working sheet

We will be drawing our chosen object, but differently than you are used to. No sketching, no colours, no shades and light. Just one simple continuous line, therefore one-liner.

There is only one rule for this exercise. Once you put your pen down, you cannot lift it off anymore until you are finished.

This one is very good for your brain to learn distances and relationships between parts of the image.

It also forces you to draw quicker than you might usually do, because no one wants to hold their pencil for a half-hour straight without once lifting it off the paper.

So Speedy Gonzales!

Speedy Gonzales running by crt2mtsu1 on DevianArt

Download the template or print it out. As usually, you will find all files below in the link to Dropbox.

Shared with Dropbox
Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches.

And here is my exercise. It was really fun as I had to be so damn fast otherwise Procreate would straighten the line. It happened to me in the first try and i ended up with one big oval 🙈😂.

Have fun, stay Scatchy!

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