Find the hidden gem and power up your imagination #012

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Find the hidden gem and power up your imagination #012

Ahoj, fellow Scatchers (Yep, we are pirates in Czech, so we greet each other Ahoj)! I've got a great story to tell ya.

"Once upon a time, there was a secret island in the middle of the Lost Sea. It was said, that there is hidden a huge treasure - Gem of resurrection. All pirates, knights or even just regular people from the whole kingdom were trying to find it for hundreds of years.."

Just kidding.

We will be looking for a gem but a different one😬.

Today we will be practising observation skills and helping cultivate your imagination.

Choose a location, doesn't matter whatever place it is, it might be home, work, garden. Just pick a place where you like to go and take a walk around. Pick the first thing that catches your eye. It might be your boss screaming into the phone, a man running after papers caught by a wild wind or a bird trying to get into garbage looking for some food.

Again, it does not matter what you choose. Just pick something.

Once you choose your subject, proceed to the next steps.

  1. Ask yourself what’s interesting about your subject and draw it in your notebook/tablet.
  2. What would make it more interesting? (Ask this question if the previous answer yielded nothing worthwhile). Add it to your drawing.
  3. What’s the story behind it?
sneak peek into the working sheet

You can make up anything with this exercise. It forces you to use your imagination and invent a backstory - that's our hidden gem.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real — Pablo Picasso

Once again, to make it more nice and enjoyable below is the working sheet on Dropbox. In Procreate, PSD, JPG and PDF versions for you.

Shared with Dropbox
Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches.

Have fun and stay Scatchy!💜

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