Giving order to chaos or doodly doodly daah #013

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Giving order to chaos or doodly doodly daah #013

Ahoj Scatchers! Welcome back to our daily exercise. I had a nice long bike ride today and tried to think about what should we practice today. Sometimes we can feel tired, exhausted and we just don't have the mood to do anything extra. When there is no motivation, well, usually no party anymore, right?

So we will try to bring order to chaos and allow ourselves to have a little bit of freedom. For me, it's quite late anyway and wherever in the world you are, you might feel the same and if not, good for ya🥳.

I have prepared a very simple working sheet with few pics. Today we don't care at all how does that gonna look like, we just want to have free "octopus-jelly" hands🐙 and doodle whatever we want and however, we want.

sneak peek into the working sheet

Take the elements from the working sheet and combine them into one drawing. The finished piece can be something literal or more abstract. You can change the size and rotation of each individual picture, or add entirely new ones. Let's go for it!

By processing a collection of random objects and consolidating them into a whole, you’re training your brain to take random, incoherent information and search for patterns — in other words, giving order to chaos. - by Thunderfoot

So I got the documents for you as usual below in the link, print or download your preferable version and dive into your doodles.

Shared with Dropbox
Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches.

Have fun and stay Scatchy!💜

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