What if the world would work how I want? #017

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What if the world would work how I want? #017

Ahoj Scatchers!

Today we will have so much fun. Creativity is a very important word in our artistic paths. Not all people are born with a love for art and creative thinking. And many people would even argue that art and craft are skills not necessary but these skills are teaching us problem-solving and promote the expression of emotions.

That's why here the #DPC tag is not only about a random theme to paint but also about practise and improving creativity as a whole. I always try to keep them fun and different day by day. Even though sometimes you can ask yourself, how this has something to do with drawing/painting - I always try to keep the drawing involved at least a little bit.  

So I have called this exercise What if the world would work how I want? Because in our minds, everything is possible.

When someone told me I lived in a fantasy land, I nearly fell off my unicorn.” Anonymous

Imagine a world, where an object, animal or even people would be different aka have a different purpose? I chose three objects for you and created a working sheet. But if you wouldn't be satisfied with my choice, feel free to find more suitable or preferable items.

What are we going to do with that, you are asking? We will try to think about these objects differently, for example, what if a car wouldn't be for transporting people from A to B? Maybe, a car could be a house for a dog or maybe it could be a "portable" library?

sneak peek into the working sheet

Once you will have an idea, a simple sketch is enough. We are not trying here to change the whole item, the basic structure should stay the same in meaning that the object should still be recognisable as we know it today. But feel free to rebuild it to whatever you imagine.

Very good examples we can find in post-apocalyptic movies or games when the current inhabitants (such as tribes etc.) were raised more savagely and all the leftovers from our times, they use differently because they don't know what these items were used for. That's just for your inspiration😉.

Go wild with this one!

Shared with Dropbox
Once you are done, don't be shy and share it with us below in the comments that we can see all the different ideas and approaches.

Have fun and stay Scatchy!💜

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