#020 Snowflakes everywhere

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#020 Snowflakes everywhere

It's wintertime. I do not enjoy cold weather very much but I love snow. Snow is a change of scenery. It's like nature's costume party. Everything looks so different and magical when it's covered in snow. During the dark, gray, dirty days of winter with bare trees and dead grass, a blanket of snow covering the landscape is a bright, refreshing respite. When the sun beams touches the surface of the snowy blanket, everything is so shiny and glittering. Isn't that magical?

And if you live in a country where there is never snow, let just bring some to you and I hope that one day you will experience it yourself in real life.

In today's exercise, we will create snowflake. Just one, or maybe more, and creating a simple design for a wish-card. You could use it either as a card for Happy holidays or New Year.

If you are a Procreate user, you can easily draw a snowflake using the Symmetry tool. I'm including a short tutorial from YouTube.

The Snowflake maker

If you do not feel like or do not have any inspiration, you can always use a tool such as Paper Snowflake Maker, to quickly create a design. Then you have an option to download the picture and you can use it in your app as a reference or to trace it (nut suggested but also an option).

Below is the link to the tool. It is very easy to use. When you begin your online snowflake, a white triangle will greet you, just like you would start with a folded triangle piece of paper.

Then to cut out shapes, you’ll click with your mouse and get a green dot to begin your shape. As you move your mouse and keep clicking, each click will create a red dot on a new corner of your shape, until you again click on the green dot to close the shape. This creates the cut-out.

Paper Snowflake Maker
Make virtual paper snowflakes in your browser with this HTML5 web app, then save or share your images.

The card template

I have created a very simple template which you can decorate as far as your imagination will allow. It has a transparent background and you can use it in Procreate. Adding background as a separated layer of your choice and other decorations on the top of it.

So why were we creating the snowflakes? You can use just one in multiple sizes and, for example, fill in silhouette of the elk with them. Or use them as a deco in the corners.

Downloadable file:

Have fun with snowflakes and be proud of your finished card.

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