You probably want to look at my work. Just relax, there is no hassle, lets break the ice a little.

Who am I?

My name is Martina Sevcikova (this is top secret, please respect Area 51 policies), I was born and raised in Czech. Last couple of years Im living in the Netherlands.

I'm a mother to a ten years old boy who brings hapiness but also struggle into my daily life as any kid to any parent. I have a great support from my boyfriend in everything I do and thats always making me work harder and stay motivated.

I didn't work for Disney, neither Pixar or any famous studio. I even didn't study any art school - just that's clear between us.


I studied elementary school with extended foreign language teaching which gave me a great basis in English and German languages. Later on I went to military high school but unluckily due to my health issues at that time, i needed to leave (long story short, if I wasn't young and naive, I could have finish that school, but hey).

During this period of time, I went quite rebellious with schools, tried few of them, got bored, not motivated and ended up working without finishing a school. I spent most of my career working at hotel, as a receptionist and assistant of a hotel manager for a while.

At the age of 20, I got pregnant, so my life went a little bit up side down for some time, but after some time I started a distance study during having a kid an working at the same time. I studied whole four years at High school for booksellers and publishers in Czech but never gratuated - I got this decision to make - go to the Netherlands now or never or stay and finish graduation.

I decided to move.

It's flat country. But hell they do take care about the nature, the cities, the roads. And people are much much nicer to each other over here.

The Netherlands

I hate the weather here, its like a womens' mood (no offence, I'm also a woman). But for the rest I mostly love everything here, the Netherlands is one of the best countries to live in the Europe, especially when you compare it to the west european countries (if you interested about some info about the NL, just drop me a message). All the years I'm here, I work in the logistics. Currently in the Forecast & Planning departement.

So how I can talk about arts if I have nothing common with that?

The art path

Since I was a kid, I always inclined to arts in general, I used to write stories, poems, I was reading tons of books and spent hours and hours in fantasy worlds, daydreaming.

From time to time, I was drawing and sketching but I found more pleasure in writing anyway. We used to craft a lot of with my brother and thats where I got the most creativity from I guess.

Years went on, life started to be more serious and time limited. But in the end, when you dont do what you love, you will miss it and it becomes frustrating. So I got back to writing, drawing, painting sketching. I tried paper pedig, bookbinding, I was painting on canvas with acrylics for some time.

All that to find out, that my heart is by writing and painting. These are the best ways to share my worlds and ideas.

You saying that I'm not an artist if I paint digitally? Geez, wake up and prove me wrong.

Digital arts

The best decision ever, even though I admire traditional art (nothing can top the smell of the colors, touch of the canvas), the best way for me was to try it digitally.

I'm fully self-studied by books, courses and by the other places on the internet. I had the best two teachers - trial and error. And I love to share what I learnt.

So here I am, painting as crazy, writing my ass off. Because that's what is fulfilling me. So let's take the road together.

I had the best two teachers - trial and error.

And in the end, here you can check some examples of my work.

Why Scatchy?

'Cause sketching (and painting) should be catchy, hence scatchy, don't you agree?

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