Accessories and gadgets for digital artists

Mar 20, 2020
3 min read

Even for digital artists, the market is full of all kinds of conveniences and improvements, so today we will look at a few of them that could possibly be worth a sin. You may shake your head, who would buy it in some cases, but every person has it’s tastes.

Would you like a glove?

It looks unusual, you probably wouldn't go build a snowman with it, but it's a great helper for a digital artist. It prevents unwanted touches and therefore the movement of the canvas, strokes and dots out of the drawing and your display remains without traces. Many of them use their material to clean the display itself and reduce the friction of the palm against the display. Your hand has better support, after all, whatever we think, a stressed hand after a few hours of painting feels like its about to fall off.

My favorite brand is DokiWear, an online store that focuses directly on these gloves. The disadvantage is the shipment from America, when you wait some time and the duty will probably not pass you. Of course, stores like Amazon, AliExpress and similar have them.

DokiWear glove

Tablet holders and stands

Some like to draw on a table, others prefer a lap, and others appreciate a stand or holder so that they can paint in a position and angle that suits them. You can buy a couple of designer-friendly, but also functional stands and holders for every taste on the Internet.

There is a project currently running on Kickstarter for a drawing board called Sketchboard Pro, for now only for iPad. Unfortunately, there aren't many of them for digital artists, and if they are, most of the time they come from abroad, but it certainly won't hurt to look around for equipment that would suit you personally.

Sketchboard Pro

Nix mini color sensor - for color lovers

Do you like the colors around you and are you happy to capture them in your memory? So you will surely be interested in the portable sensor that detects colors - Nix mini. In graphics programs, the question of one click, in the real world, however, it is not so simple. The sensor uses a mobile application to detect color with official names as well as such as sRGB HEX, CMYK or LAB.

Nix mini color sensor

Color here, color there - for nerdy Photoshop fans

Who wouldn't want a color-playing keyboard skin? If you're using a MacBook to work with Photoshop, there's a great "suit" on the market for your keyboard. Especially suitable for beginners and those who are are not so fast with quick shortcuts, it will facilitate work efficiency. They can be bought on Amazon.

Photoshop Keyboard Cover from

Posing mannequins

Posing figures, sometimes also mannequins, are very important equipment for every artist. Figurines in various sizes can be modified, posed in any way and help our imagination with anatomy in our creation. You can usually buy them at any major art store or online. It is even possible to download the ArtPose application, at least in the Apple Store or on Google Play, in which you can place your mannequins in various positions and save the image or project it on a TV.

Posing mannequins from Club Laurentian


I'll forget the skin for the MacBook keyboard, but Sketchboard Pro was added to my list because it could at least be worth a try. I used to have a glove and I totally loved it. And mannequins are a must-have. I own two smaller ones from an art set for traditional drawing and I use the above-mentioned ArtPose application very often.

Did you come across even better gadgets? Share them with us below in the comments and we will be happy to look at them.

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