CDQ: What's Hidden Under the Hood, n. 07

Mar 16, 2020
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Character Design Quarterly is a fresh creative magazine that brings inspiration, expertise and cutting-edge techniques to professional illustrators, artists and character design lovers around the world.

Title Content
Behind the cover: Cécile Carre The talented artist discusses the skills needed to work in animated feature films.
Simplicity and influence Steph Laberis shows how to achieve maximum impact with minimal design.
Meet: Dani Diez Creative Director of video games, Dani talks about his role and introduces us to a breathtaking character design.
Creating charakteru for books Isadora Zeferino explains how to design effective characters for a story.
Stylistic design boosters Learn new stylistic effects and share your design ideas with Jens A. Larsen Aas.
Meet: Sheena Dempsey Children's book illustrator shares her design experience for industry leaders.
A story about a stereotype Anthony Wheeler designs stereotypical characters with a story in the background.
Gallery Presenting various works of art: Sophie Barocas, Hanna Sun and Marine Vernhes
Stories in animation Dirk van Dulmen describes the role of character designs in animation production.
Know your character Elsa Chang shows you how to get to know your character.
Characteristic creatures Haley Justice teaches how to highlight a personality in animal design
Designing a group of characters Design a band of individuals united by their love for music; Eduardo Vieira

What is hidden in the seven

Cécile Carre

Cécile studied engineering, and yet she never lost her desire to be an artist, so she turned her studies around to animation at the prestigious Gobelins School in France. She designed characters and backgrounds for giants like Disney and Passion Animation. On fourteen pages, she shares the rough application process for Gobelins, talks about character design, and also gives an advice how to develop personal skills that can help on the path of study and career.

Steph Laberis

Steph is known for her sense of whimsical, humorous and expressive (usually animal) characters. On two pages, she shows us that simplicity is really beautiful, if you have only a few details in the design; then every slightest change has a significant effect on the design as a whole. Steph is the pre-production character designer for Netflix's upcoming animated series, Rhyme Time Town. She has also worked for clients such as Disney Jr., Nick Jr and Sesame Workshop & Hasbro on various animated pilots and series.

Dani Diez

Dani is a creative director and visual artist in game development, creating original worlds of imagination in fantasy and sci-fi themes. His characters are full of power, expressive shapes and a bright palette of colors, which immediately draw you into the story of their world and take you on a journey with them. In a ten-page interview, he explains how he began to think about his characters as interactive part, what methods he uses to work with his ideas, and also what his job as a creative director contains .

Isadora Zeferino

Isadora is a Brazilian illustrator with a passion for all saturated, silly and charming things. She has found her audience on social media she and is proud to be able to work with clients in areas such as animation, visual development, children's books, advertising and news. On ten pages, she will guide us through a tutorial of the process of designing an old grandmother, for which she wrote a short story. She tells us how to take into account the requirements for a children's book, where the character must be relatively easy absorbed by young children.

Jens A. Larsen Aas

In the two-page design, Jens will show us various traditional styles of effects that can be applied in character development without having to use traditional drawing / painting material and achieve the same result. James is an illustrator from Norway. He attended and graduated from the San Francisco Academy of Arts with illustration BFA. He is a big fan of detail in visual communication, design, colors and everything that happens when working with illustrations.

Sheena Dempsey

In a six-page interview with Sheena, we will learn about her creative journey from fine art to illustration, the development of her playful and humorous characters and stories. She shares with us her experience of working with major publishers in Ireland such as Wolker Books, Bloomsburry, etc. She also tells us how she tries to keep her work fresh and always engaging in the rapid development in the field of illustration and publishing of children's books. She is happy to hand out tips and tricks for future illustrators who are considering working with children's books

Anthony Wheeler

Anthony will delight you with tips on how to style stereotypical characters in a way that emphasizes their personalities. Two pages full of themes from characters from "old times" who could travel the world around 1900. The article will show us individuals from different types of performance arts, which will have attributes that attract crowds but at the same time retain their own character. Anthony is a freelance artist from Colorado.

Meet: Sophie Barocas, Hanna Sun and Marine Vernhes

In the gallery you will find eight pages to view with the excellent character design and a work of art based on a selection of talented professional artists.

Dirk van Dulmen

Dirk lives in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He works from his home studio as a screenwriter for feature animation and is also a curator of Storybeard. Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of successful character design. His job is to take character design and written narration and turn them frame by frame into a visual story that will resonate with the viewer. In a twelve-page interview, he will tell us about himself, what is the basis of his work and what his work in animation takes.

Elsa Chang

On twelve pages Elsa will explain to us the very essential elements of how important it is to know your character, how to think about a realistic model as a basis for character design and who you would choose as a voice for a given character. What questions should we ask ourselves in design and its evolution. She also shares with us tips and tricks on how to work with references, emotions, gestures, etc. Elsa comes from Los Angeles, graduated from the Academy of Art with illustration BFA and worked for giants such as Sony Animation, Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks TV Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Haley Justice

A four-page tutorial from Haley will teach us techniques for successful animal design, as animals come in all shapes and sizes. She will take us on the first steps of the process such as sketching, where we make the decisions that will most affect our design. Then she will continue on lines, poses, emotions and gestures. As example will be the very different four animals that she captured in the essence of movement and personality.

Eduardo Vieira

Eduardo will take us through the process of designing a heavy metal group of old guys and will share with us all the fun around from rough drawing, genre research and a systematic process to completing the design. He will show how a musical theme can be used as the essence of an idea and how it can influence the whole design. Originally from Brazil, Eduardo is an illustrator and freelance designer.

There is so much for a digital artist to learn. Each issue of CDQ is full of inspiration and interviews with professionals from around the world. So what are you waiting for, do you already have yours?

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