Daily Painting Challenge aka DPC is starting on Scatchy soon, isn't that fantastic?

Daily Painting Challenge aka DPC is starting on Scatchy soon, isn't that fantastic?

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Consider this as an email course. Of course, you will be able to find all numbers still here on the blog, but I would say it's more convenient to receive every episode directly into your inbox. You are not forced to do it,  but in the end, you don't want to be in the backlog for weeks and it's a good chance to sit down and do something about your art. Plus, you don't have to think about visiting my blog on daily basis :)

P.S.: I will try to challenge you as much as I can.

When does it start?

I have chosen a nice date of 1st of July 2021. That will be the first day you will receive the first issue of DPC.

When does it end?

For now, I have no idea - what I know for sure, I wanna practise daily, have fun and helping others. Maybe it will be years, maybe weeks - who knows.

What can I expect in the emails?

  1. No SPAM, that's for sure. You get only what you signed up for.
  2. Exercises, tutorials, creative games.
  3. Access to all used materials, sketches, research etc. (apart from paid brushes, that I really cannot share, but I will try not to use them or give you free alternatives)

How does it gonna look like?

Beautifully crafted email. Written text, occasionally some video, PDFs and all other material accessible on Dropbox. All the links will be in the issue, so you will be provided with all the necessary information every day.

How much time it will take?

I plan all exercises or challenges with a maximum of an hour of your time. Mostly we are doing this for fun and to practice small things to stay active.

What are you going to do with my email address?

Just send you this daily challenge and my weekly newsletter. Nothing else. I do not sell any details to other companies and I don't use your email address in any other way, more in the Privacy Policy.

I'm already a free subscriber but I would like to receive DPC as well.

That's possible, just drop me an email at hey@scatchy.art and I will take care of it. Easy peasy.

Can I unsubscribe?

Once you are a subscriber, you can log in to your account and unsubscribe or in the email itself.

Are there any extras?

Yes, if you are lucky, you can win a competition with nice prices for digital artist. More about it soon.

Is it free?

Yes! Always and forever!

Where can I sign again?

Right here.

So what's next?

Well, just take some chill and you will hear from me soon!

That's all from me now but I cannot wait for all the things we will achieve together!