History of Art (HoA): Short Introduction

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History of Art (HoA): Short Introduction
For the first time ever history, storytelling and digital art - together. During digital painting sessions, we will talk about breathtaking stories from famous or forgotten artists, mysterious places and unexpected destinies.

Coming to Facebook and YouTube September 2021.

I love art in general since I was a child. We used to craft, paint, create stories and do many other artistic things with my brother. Art is the way I can express myself and my fantasy.

And I also always admired history. Unluckily, history was on the majority of schools I went to, very boring. Not many teachers are really trying to make this school subject interesting and a lot of them don't seek new knowledge at all and just teach all the same every school year. No offence, I still admire teachers for their job!

So I have decided to put together two things I love, digital painting and stories. During the sessions, I will paint a piece that is related to the topic.

Every week one famous person, place or story from the art industry, based on my knowledge from school and additional research.

Hopefully, you will start to like the history of art once again and maybe even these videos will help you with studying.

I will also share my sketches and materials with you (or links to them), so you can paint all along or use them as a future reference.

You can watch the intro here:

Your support

Your support means everything to me. I hope you will like what I'm working on for you and if you have any wishes which story or about whom you would like to hear first, do not hesitate to share it in the comments below.

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