#019 My dream Christmas Tree

Think back to when you felt that sense of wonder. If you believe you can get it back, then you once had it and you remember.
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#019 My dream Christmas Tree

Recently I was talking about Why do we lose our sense of wonder and imagination? And this exercise is a perfect addon to that. And it's even the perfect timing. Where do we expect more wonders than around Christmas?

Imagine that you could have any X-mas tree you have ever wished for. When I was a kid, my mother would always decorate a X-mas tree totally wild. All colors, many ornaments and Christmas decorations mixed. All in one, no designer choices there. But I need to admit, it felt magical. We used to put candle pins there as well for many years until one day when the tree caught up on fire. There were no candles anymore on the tree after that.

But we were always nicely forced to decorate the tree with what our parents had at home and even as adults we don't go very often out of the comfort zone.

So I have prepared this small exercise to fire up your creativity and finally have the Christmas tree of your dreams. Who said that the Christmas tree has to be always fir, pine or spruce?

And you can even go beyond that, put the presents you would like to get there.

You can either start with a blank page or use one of the below templates. It's not about the masterpiece but about the imagination!

You can download files such as .jpg and .pdf below

Have fun and enjoy Christmas!

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