Procreate 5: What can we expect of this game-changer update?

Sep 17, 2019
2 min read

Waiting for the next big release is always very exciting, especially in the case of Procreate. These guys are just proving with every major release how good they are and how much they care about their users. Even Adobe started to realise the big competition which is growing so fast that they needed to catch up with Adobe Fresco (how long we have been waiting for a proper Adobe tool for our handheld devices, heh?).


New graphics engine for faster experience with the app and better responsiveness for your Apple pencil, which is described as "an ultra-powerful new graphics engine capable of cutting-edge visual effects." The interface should' t change much; only some additional features will appear.


New redesigned transform and selection tools to take less space on the screen plus in transform mode we can save and load selections!
Clone tool - a new feature in the adjustments menu will allow duplicating areas of the canvas using any brush you desire.

Floating Color Picker

Wow, this one is amazing, now we will have a possibility of floating colour picker, place it anywhere on the screen, and it will stay there until you decide to close it or move it. Next handy addition is a secondary colour which can be applied as blended hue. Harmony should be a panel according to some whispers what should help artists to create colour palettes using various theory colour models.

Colour dynamics & CMYK

There was a very high demand for this feature. Now we will finally have it. Importing CMYK profiles - ready for your web or print.
Color Dynamics, which changes and produces multiple colours in one brush stroke based on how much tilt and pressure is applied.

Brush Studio

This change is simply breath-taking, Brush Studio; which is a full-screen brush editing tool that will let artists combine two brushes to create custom Dual Brushes, and features over 150 different brush settings. Artists will be able to manually tweak the Apple Pencil's pressure and tilt settings, and use the built-in texture generator to create their brushes. Also it will be possible to import Photoshop brushes into Procreate. Many new sliders and controls will appear so there will be definitely some learning curve on that. But in my opinion, it's worth learning it for all the freedom of creating your brushes.

Animation Tools

We are moving more and more forward with animation tools on our devices. New animation tools include instant, full-screen playback, a customizable onion skin tool, new looping options, and foreground and background layers. Animation assist - a new toolbar on the bottom of the canvas.

Everyone is super excited about this major release. Procreate is still under development and I couldn't find at least any promise date. Well, we need to wait and see - and when it comes, it will be a big storm.

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